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Hello, my name is David Mansberger and I live in northern Virgina. I graduated from West Virginia University where I majored in Wood Industries. I love the mountains that surround West Virginia and feel very grateful that I was able to grow up in this area. I always look forward to early fall because I know that hunting season is just a few weeks away.

It was in the early fall of 1999 when I went on my first coon hunt. Bill and Aaron Young, two of my best friends and hunting buddies, asked me if I wanted to go coon hunting. I had hunted with dogs before and always enjoyed watching and listening to the dogs hunt. Needless to say, I was very excited to go on my first coon hunt. Bill and Aaron told me that before the night was over I would be hooked on coon hunting. To be honest it took about 30 minutes. Posh, Bill's Walker, let out a cry and she and Aaron's walker, Rachel, were on the chase. About five minutes later they were treeing. We made our way through the field to a small patch of woods where they had treed. When we got there we found that Posh and Rachel had treed two coons. The feeling I had watching Posh and Rachel as they were treeing can not be described with words.

One month later I bought my first Treeing Walker. A girl that is in the same major with me told me that her father knew a guy that had a young male Treeing Walker for sale. Well, that next weekend we drove to Coudersport, PA, her hometown, and her father took me to meet Kenny Rogers (no he is not the country singer).

I had more fun that fall coon hunting with Bill and Aaron then I had had in a long time. I just wish that I would have started coon hunting earlier. I know that I will be a coon hunter for life and I enjoy taking people hunting that have never been before. Thanks Bill and Aaron.

About the Kennel

Bill, Aaron and I were out hunting one night and we came to the conclusion that we needed a kennel name. Imediately all three of us came up with the same name. It was the only name that seemed right. It was the Scott Game Preserve Kennel.

Bill and Aaron's grandmother, Dorthy Scott has a farm in Bruceton Mills, West Virgina. The farm is no longer funtional except for two horses, but there is plenty of woodlands and open fields to support a healthy game population. Hence, the Scott Game Preserve was born.

The kennel is home to three Treeing Walkers, one male and two females. We also have to include our two pets Hank, a Basset Hound, and Rudy, a Black Lab. In the fall, we hunt about three to four nights out of the week. In the fall of 1999 we treed a coon on the average of one a night. However, I can remember many hard nights when the running seemed to come to an absolute hault. I hope you will enjoy the pictures we took hunting this past fall.

'PR' Dave's Brown Jug Jed

Pedigree for 'PR' Dave's Brown Jug Jed

Sharkman's Posh

Coon hunting pictures from fall 1999

Click on pictures to see in full size.

Mountain Man a Walker Foxhound

I lived in Virgina for about a year working as an intern for Cheasapeake Hardwood Products. One of my best friends from highschool, Bill Swineford, had moved there after graduation to work as mechanic for Ford. One of the guys he worked with, James Bremer, raised and hunted Walker Foxhounds. James and his wife, Tina, own TNJ Kennel and mostly hunt in fox pins and compete in Chase sanctioned hunts.

Mountain Man has a very cold nose and he can run all night. His sire is Tn(f) Ch Red L Mr. Pig (James and Tina now own Mr. Pig). I owned Mountain Man for about a year and I loved running him in the mountains of West Virgina. However, I gave him back to James and Tina because they have more time and resources to hunt him they way he should be. I wish James, Tina and Mountain Man the best.

If you are a fox hunter or run dogs in Chase sanctioned hunts and are looking for good walker pups or stud dogs contact James and Tina at tnj2fox@hotmail.com


I got Hank in 1995 from a couple that were friends with my grandfather. The couple had trouble with Hank chasing cows at a nearby farm. The couple called my uncle asking if he would like to have Hank. My uncle was unable to take Hank but told the couple that his nephew would love to have him. The next day we drove to Taylor County and picked up Hank. He is a great pet and companion. If any Basset Hound owners would like to use Hank as a stud, please contact me at dmans35@aol.com


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Email questions or comments to dmans35@aol.com or sharkman@access.mountain.net

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